Imagine entering a world in which your senses are engaged in all the fresh ingredients that are handpicked and organically infused and handcrafted to perfection. This is what happens here at O.G.G.I.

Through detailed study and expert hands, our head Master of gelato, Carmelo Chiaramida, transforms fresh ingredients into deliciously tasting organic flavors by creating a fusion of recipes every day.

At O.G.G.I we combine our Italian authentic traditions with a pinch of creativity and innovation. No walls separate our workshop from our front of the house area. Transparency is our philosophy; this is why we have chosen to keep everything right before your eyes.

Tantalize your senses by viewing, smelling and admiring our Maestros at work. You can follow every step that we take in creating our Gelato and witness for yourselves the absence of preservatives, saturated fats, and artificial colorings or flavorings. Observe the dedication of the preparation, from toasting the nuts in our ovens to melting the chocolate, the freezing process and so much more…

O.G.G.I. is also a proud partner of the project “Campagna Amica” which helps better the quality of life of our farmers by promoting their products and resources. Welcome, Oggi.



Oggi. Officina Gelato Gusto Italiano.